TRSRoses4Life.com is the Internet gathering place for the Tennessee Rose Society, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Click on over to the "About Us" link tab above to learn more about us. We are a group of expert and beginning Rose growers that delight in sharing their beautiful Roses, helping others to grow Roses, serving our community with our Roses and serving as a one-stop educational source in everything Roses.
Enjoy checkling what we offer though our Web Site. For those who live in Eastern Tennessee we hope you can come to one of our meetings and enjoy yummy food, expert presenters and a really nice bunch of friendly folk! You might want to "favorite places" our Web Site as we are constantly offering new resources here. The "Meetings" tab gives complete information on our monthly meetings and the "Events" tab has information about special activities. For any additional information feel free to e-mail me. I'll be as prompt as possible to get right back to you.
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Ken Veal, President

 "Rose Roots" is our content-crammed illustrated newsletter available as a FREE download through our website. Each issue is crafted especially for Rose growers that want to be the "oooh....aaah" focus in their neighborhood. "13 Must-Know Tips For Growing Happy Roses" is our free gift for subscribing. This unique 25 page resource makes growing "difficult" Roses easy! Click below to go to the Newsletter page with all the details and a super-easy sign up box. Every E-mail is securely protected!
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The TRS experts are working on a major new one-of-a-kind resource! This A-Z reference guide is a first for Rose growers. Illustrated, this download special will include "dictionary" meanings of terms for every aspect of Rose growing with simple, easy to understand how-to tips. Wipe away frustrated confusion about this or that when it comes to growing prize Roses. Scientific terms, chemical instructions, what to do and when is simply explained as easy as A-Z. Update announcements and special subscriber discounts will be included in "Rose Roots" issues.
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"About Us" TRS: History, Leadership, Member of the American Rose Society

Meetings: Topics, Location, For all of 2019
Events: TRS project in partnership with the Knoxville Botanical Garden; Summer picnic; Rose & Garden shows ...

Newsletter: Each of 5 annual issues loaded with seasonal information and more; see Newsletter page for regualr features.
February 2019 issue includes Rose of the month, Grower Safety, Seasonal to-do suggestions, Links for further study, Supplies & Suppliers and much more.  

Files: Special reports; enrollment forms for TRS and the American Rose Society; Newsletter archives; Updated regularly as new files are uploaded.

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