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This page lists special activities TRS is currently involved in or that are up-coming. Details will be added as events are planned. All information will also be included in future issues of Rose Roots or special alerts that are sent to our subscribers.
Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum Rose Garden Project
TRS is partnering with Knoxville Botanical garden to create beginning Fall/Winter of 2019-2020 a new Rose Garden. Members are providing and planting 30 Roses in groupings of different varieties. These will be mixed with existing perennials. The garden may be expanded in future years. KBG will maintain the garden. Our rose experts are carefully selecting varieties that will mix colors and fragrences for a delightful viewing experience, and will provide all-weather name plates for each Rose. Past President Steve Franklin is co-ordinating this project.
Summer Picnic
We always enjoy the hospitality of Glenn and Martha McCluen at their beautiful river-side home! Their Rose Gardens are a wonder to walk through complimented by mature landscaping around their large home site. We picnic comfortably seated inside and out. The tables are loaded with piles of summer food and desserts. This year we picnic on Thursday evening June 6. Rose Roots Subscribers will receive up-to-date details and directions.
Annual Christmas Banquet
With fall pruning done and Rose plants safely mulched and protected from winter cold, TRS folk can relax! Chafed hands, aching muscles, and thorn-poked skins now have winter respite. We gather to celebrate the joys of the season and share another year's Rose joys. Every year we dress up to enjoy a gala evening at Fox Den Club's lavishly decorated club house. Musical artists provide holiday-themed music. The menu is prepared to perfection and "just right" for a relaxing evening. Rose Roots subscribers get all the details. This year we wll meet Thursday evening, December 5.
Always More...TRS members are busy in many ways besides scheduled events. Our experts enjoy helping new gardners with planning and problems. Just ask us! Some open their gardens for self-guided tours during the annual "Knoxville Dogwood Days Festival". Many quickly share their Rose bouquets with others at times of illness, grief, or just to have a happy day. Some are official Judges at Tennessee and beyond rose shows - others enter their prized roses or award-winning photographs. As TRS launches additional events details will be right come back often to visit. Through our Auto-responder service, updates will be sent at any time day or night to those on our subscriber list.
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